About us

We have the ability to work with partners who are all experienced  professionals (ITIL® experts, project managers, software developers and testers). All our professionals are multi-lingual and have specialized IT and/or management skills.


Managing Director

Maurits Baeyens

Managing Director

Bruno Gallier


We assist IT departments to become more efficient & effective in order to deliver an excellent service towards the business. The final goal is an improvement in customer experience & satisfaction.
Our integrated approach of consultancy, training and coaching results in a permanent change in business culture. We are convinced that process improvements and implementations cannot succeed without the involvement of stakeholders, hence our choice to focus and work on the people factor. The right mix of attitude and behaviour assures that people accept the new way of working.



ITIL 4, the newest version of ITIL 605 452 Maurits Baeyens

ITIL 4, the newest version of ITIL

Digital transformation and technology are driving organizations to a new way of working in a rapidly changing environment. That is why it is time for…