DPM values a lot the quality of its service offerings. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, we offer the possibility to introduce a complaint.

Please fill in the following complaint form and mail it back to us. [Lien vers DPMcomplaint form]

The management of DPM takes each complaint seriously and will report back to you after investigation. 


Please also note that our consultants are bound by the ethical code of the EATA association. EATA is the European Association for Transactional Analysis. 


EATA uses specific procedures to handle any ethical or professional practices complaint. EATA always seeks to resolve complaints informally. If though, for any reason, a person wishes to make a formal complaint concerning an EATA member undertaking EATA business then they must use the agreed procedures here. http://www.eatanews.org/eata-procedures-for-handling-ethical-and-professional-practices-complaints/ 

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